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The Most Authentic Restaurants: Sephardic Kosher

Rami’s, just a few blocks down the street from Rubin’s, serves up terrific Sephardic Israeli kosher cuisine. The menu is small, but what the restaurant does it does very well: hummus, falafel, baba ganoush, and Israeli salad made with chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickled cabbage. Read More

Rami’s in Harvard Square?

A recent Facebook poll has generated interest from the Harvard community in what could be the opening of Harvard Square’s only all-kosher restaurant.

In the poll by Rami’s, a kosher Israeli restaurant in Brookline, Harvard Square received the most votes for a potential second location.

Manager Haim Cohen released the Facebook poll on Dec. 2, with options for a second location, including four Massachusetts cities—Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, and Sharon—as well as Maine and Philadelphia.

The poll did not receive much attention and previously had Sharon in the lead until Dec. 4, when Cambridge received nearly 100 votes overnight, according to Cohen. Overall, Cambridge received nearly 200 votes.

After the high response from that poll, Cohen released another asking for a specific location in Cambridge. Read More…

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